it’s the little things in life

I am someone that is easily amused/entertained/happy with the little things in life + try to be mindful of living in the moment/embracing the present.

Here are a few of the little things that are making me smile, right now.MOMENTSWITHSHAN FAVS

  1. LOVING all the holiday decor, card designs +  gifts over at minted (added bonus-supporting independent designers).
  2. This face. I die (came across this pic on Pinterest tonight).
  3. Memories of taking the annual fam Christmas card pic-the debacle + bickering + laughing (quite possibly tears at some point)…..and then the final cards enclosed with my mom’s famous poems (that have since been retired, thank you, minted).
  4. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  This screams Christmas.  Every year now it has become part of our family tradition to all watch this together.  I swear it gets funnier (if that’s possible) every single time we watch it.  Tonight it was on TV. Score.
  5. Want the most delicious easy soup recipe?  My sister initially found this Healthy & Hearty Chicken Quinoa Stew recipe over at the Picky Palate.  She passed it along to me, and I have since passed it along to my friends.  It is great, healthy, hearty winter soup….that everyone (guys included) always LOVES.  Snuggle up with a bowl of this + Christmas Vacation = perf winter evening.

I have been MIA the last week + now back in action.  Tis the season to enjoy the little things in life. xxo.

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